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Wed, Apr. 13th, 2005, 11:31 pm
whooptie doo

ya so ime recovering from my oral surgery and feeling loads better working farr to much and helping the folks try to sell thier place so they can get another place in wva im realy ready to strangle the life out of dad at this point how nyone gets out of bead and carrys the pounderous load of negativity around with themselves in the way hes able to is a wounder to me. things on most other fronts are about the same i havnt had alone time with anyonew im seeing or endevouring to see in longer than i care to dwell on the lack of sex dosnt bother me but i realy could use a good all night cuddle up. not that thats a likleyhood of late the only pe4rson whoos even seemed to be seriously interested in me has a parent problem and theres little improvement in sight. all the other so called interesated parties cant even be bothered to try and get hold of me to make plans, i question the integrity of thier claims. tomorrows looking to be another long long day fridays likley to be short tho but alas i must work sat so little good it doesim hoping to be ready to think about a party soon but ive been havin some money problems between things goin wrong and things needed that i wasnt expecting, well its all quite irrelivant as the grounds here are farr to wett to play on. and my kitchen remodle is still in starting stadges due to massive delays and lack of time to do anything with. hooray!

Tue, Mar. 15th, 2005, 10:54 pm
tired, drunk, annoyed with mommas boys

why is it all 20 ish gay guys are so farr into kissing thier mommys asses they could tote the womman arround as a hatt? ya dating sucks and isa disapointing alot especialy when you have to be home at 6 ish an a sat evnintg wtf! god i feel old, when i was 20 i went where i pleased worked two jobbs full time and still found time to try and fail alot at getting laid regularly but mommy didnt factor into the equasion sure i was livin at home and they respected my privacy , i put in thier ac and heat , i fixed thier plumbiong and electric and it was understood that iff they wanted these things to keep working properly and keep geting fixed regular theyd give me my fucking space and not ride me like an asian prostitute. sure i was respectfull but they were saving thousands on callin in companys and sure im a lisenced professional but it was clear and concice i tended my afairs and they thiers, my maturity and independence was respected am i the only guy that looked at mom and said iff you want your ac to keep workin back off. god i hope not lads iff ya wana suceed in life for fucks sake grow some balls

Fri, Mar. 4th, 2005, 11:47 pm
so new crapola

ya driveways done had hassles from the counbty had to get half a dozen permits and loose 6 vehicles here i was storeing shitt in im a liull pissered about it , im now involved in fully remodling my kitche and aside from that and working have spent the majority of my timne either alone and mizerabel or intoxicated as is the cace now, i see special someones like oce a month and hardly hear fromn them witrh any sort of regularity i havnt been ol for like 17 days thats been par for the course for like weeks now ijm growing a bit alienated when people see me ol the only thing they say any moer is sio whens the next party, not hi or how are you, just when can i come over and eat and binge drink at your expence ,,, gives ya a real warm fucking sqwishey feeling deep in your ass. im so livid i could crapp shrapnell!is this all im worth not pleasent company or a fair evning out just good food and booze is friendshiupp i feel like the localk barr tender at the cheap hang out spott, to amke matters worse hjalf the people inbterested in jme cant be bothered to return my telephopne calls interested my sweet ass! err im an angry foxie i wanna wake people up and mak'em see how stupid thier being before i feel compelled to ass rape em with a fist full of rusty subflooring nails. what does it take to make people realize that id like to be appriciated, and i'ts not everyone i mean anubis has been very kind invited me to things i wasnt able to attend due to work, and vulpies has been very concierate asking how things are and the such like its mostly the younger ones im speakin of you know like 20 1nd under ish all about the party and to hell with etticut.... i need say no more ive wined enough

Mon, Aug. 30th, 2004, 11:51 pm

ok so my roommate moved out sun a week from now im going to my sisters wedding that sun evniung ill go to moms crash there and ride in with them there worried ill drink too much yay as iff going alone wasnt bad enough now i get them breathin doun my neck the whole time. lifes been realy bussy ive beeen workin alot waitin on the new driveway thell be putin in in a week or so,

i re webbed some outdoor furniture today for the next party. lookin forward to goin back to the ren fair soon mabee ill meet someone nice there but then this is me not holding my breath. gota remeber not to drink anything baccus brings this time got some different garb so ill be all old school stylin. this past sat i was suposed to go to a wine tasting a co worker i did a favour for got tickets through his wifes work and i went to his place at the appropriate time but it looks like i got ditched he wasnt there couldnt get him on the phone either hasnt bothered to call and appologize either.

startin to clean things up outside before the next bigg thing its a bigger jobb than i thought and going none too quickley with only two pawws workin itwell im to shour and go bedd yay nother funn long day at work tomorrow

Tue, Aug. 3rd, 2004, 11:30 pm
weekend from hell

yay the vans tranny started givin me problems so it went in the shop friday morning, saturday i worked then got pressured to do some hauling for a friend and couldnt find the keys to the other van so i took the flattbedd im still workin on wich broke down cost me 125 to get it towed like 60 feet. sundsy i have a blowout on 895 at 70 miles per hour onm the carr sitt in the heat for 4 hours the auto club never showed boy am i pissed the spare was unavailable due to the hold doun spansion being rusted solid due to a trunk leak i was un aware of. and the shop i towed the flatbedd calls sayin they candt handle that vehicle and ive to moove it that evning to avoid prosessing and storadge fees. a state truck finaly shows takes a hour to beat the spansion off the doughnutt then im back drivin so i get home after the only 4 hopurs of peace the hole weekend, i finaly get home at midnight grabb some gass cans head doun to the flatbedd do a quick fix to get it to a different service station then have to walk back from fallston to kingsville and pick up the other carr now on a doughnutt. so i get back home at 4 am and hafto be up by 6:30am and to topp off a genuinly tireing day at work then i get to putt two new tires onn the carr yay f*#%ing funn. and none of it would have been an issue iff the van i hadnt just bought last october was in the shop ... new vehicles are more reliable my ass!

Thu, Jul. 29th, 2004, 11:29 pm
limo depression

i have tried so hard to have a nice limo or mini van for the next meet ehre to runn shuttle service back and foth to the park and ride and it was verry dissapointing please tell me iff you spot one that isnt totaly apthetic

Thu, Apr. 29th, 2004, 10:20 pm
time and life goes on

i endure i work i work i work then i work some more my nextel phone craped out didnt even make a full year, im gettin a free swimming pool tho i must unasemble it haul it and re asemble it im planning a wrap round deck for it, ive goten two more free rusty sheds and a bunch of assorted items at both auction and a good friends yard sale he hookerd the foxy up,.... love life is rather uneventfull to say the least, i work more , i try to make drill so i can train cap senior level one, going with a friend as his date to a wedding sat in pa, didnt recieve the mddf muster orders , got my membership package for aarp haa haa bought some stuff off ebay, buiolt a keggerator and a screen room and two shedds, whoopie, got two free non workin lawn tractors ill be fixin up emmi gave me a neato sake sett, im tired alot dont sleep enough and runn around too much anyone need a floor buffer?

Fri, Mar. 19th, 2004, 01:01 am
emotions suck ass

at what point in the daily melaise of our society did it become the status quoe to be so completeley self centered and ignorant as to never pay single thought to the needs and feelings of others, i have taken great pains in my life to do nice things for other people to be there then ive been needed ive installed toilets for free serviced air conditioners helped others with their cars hooked up folks with countless hookups and what do i ask in return ... money hell no, favours yeah right! .. no just some time not even sexual just hangin out maybee a few cuddles and ya know what its farr too much to ask! to hell with everyone this hookup is un hooked! what the fuck!

Sat, Nov. 22nd, 2003, 09:28 pm

latley life is poopie but i nheednt elaborate im lonley tired and sadd humm not to self invest in more beer... hell yeah dround out the silence of lone complacency , second note to self dont post while drinking results pathetic and consumatly unfavorable however eloquent they might be

Mon, Nov. 3rd, 2003, 11:49 pm

well it went ok i think everyone had a good time , the guest trailer should be here by the next event so thatll be cool.

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