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foxinboots's Journal

DR Richard p Humpherys d.d
27 May
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#deaddog!, anal sex, animal spirits, animals, animation, anime, anime., anthro, anthrocon, anthromorphic, anthropomorphic, anthropomorphic art, anthropomorphics, anthros, ass, baltimore, bisexual, bisexuality, blowjobs, books, boot-ay, boy booty, boys, boys in drag, briefs, buttsex, caffeine, cartoons, cocks, cocksucking, coffee, coffee shops, conan o'brien, condoms, cuddling, cum, david bowie, discordian, doctor who, dominion tank police, dreams, dvds, ejeculate, electronics, family guy, fantasy, farscape, fellatio, floofy tails, fondling, foxes, fur, furotica, furries, furry, furry art, furry artwork, furry cons, furry conventions, furry fags, furry fandom, furry lifestylers, furry porn, furry pr0n, furry zines, futurama, george carlin, goals, good times, goth, guys, happiness, harford county, health, hugs, ideas, illustration, industrial, italian food, kitties, laughing, lexx, licking, life liberty property, lots of sex, love, loyalty, lube, maryland, massages, masturbation, movies, music, nature, new age, nipples, nudity, nuzzling, orgasms, paws, penis, penises, philosophy, playing, pounced.org, pouncing, public relations, reading, rocky horror picture show, rolling around, romance, rumps, rush, sci-fi, self-expression, sex, sexiness, sexuality, shamanism, sleeping, sleeping naked, snuggling, spirit animals, spirituality, spoo, spooge, sushi, tail, tailholes, tails, talking, teh sexx0r, the dark crystal, the flight of dragons, the last unicorn, the sex, thongs, thunderstorms, totem animals, touching, transvestites, trucks, underwear, vampire hunter d, watching things on homestarrunner.com, wetness, wiccan music, yiff, ♂+♂